Plans for 2018

Already thinking about next year's trips. Maybe more Moab or the dollhouse but..... While YouTube ing
Elephant butte and Barracks trail really peaked my curiosity. So here's a few questions.
1.) Last gas location (will have an extra 5-7gall)
2.) Camping spots . We'll have our teardrop trailer which has done a lot of off-road. Im thinking maybe spend a night along elephant butte (need a high spot in case of flooding). Also wondering about the camping area along barracks trail overlooking Zion. If the trailer will make it to that point with the river crossings and such.
Im at 15" to the frame and don't need a soggy bed. Probably try to seal the underside better.
3.) Possibly have a week there. So other trails to explore with the pink coral sand dunes.

We are self sufficient and usually camp by ourselves. I will change out my fuel pump before a trip of this magnitude.

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Saw your PM. thought I'd answer up here for all.

Only been on that trail once. It was really fun. I'm not sure about taking a teardrop over it though. Many, many water crossings. There is one spot where you drop down off a bluff into the river bottom that is a pretty steep sand hill. Once you go down that you're committed. I couldn't get back up it. There is a switchback or two that goes back and forth across it that I might have been able to get up but I didn't try it. You rig is probably a lot more capable in sand than mine as well.

It took us about half a day to do the trail. You could leave your trailer somewhere and come back to it. Bryce at Dixie Four Wheel Drive in St. George is probably a better guy than me to get you info on the Barracks/Elephant Butte area.

A couple of our rigs were not road licensed so we had to come back on BLM road. You could jump up on the highway and get back around via the road by Coral Pins Sands and get back to your trailer.

WE enjoyed the Hog Canyon trails just north of Kanab. It's about a half a day as well. There are some optional sections that you can do in there.

Kanab is a cool fun town if you decide to go over that way. We didn't stay there, but I bet they have some campgrounds you could use.

Here's some vids from Hog Canyon.