Post Pictures of Your Firearms Thread


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I figure this will be a nice place to post up pictures of your gun collection or changes you make to it, without having to set up a whole new thread for little details. Or if you have a question to post that may be answered by the members in here as well...

I'll start us off, first with my 1911 GI model by American Tactical. I picked it up last November and have so far put in about 5 or 600 rounds through it. I didnt have any issues at all until just a couple of days ago, when I went to load it, it had a failure to feed. Although I believe it was due to the bullet having a jam in the magazine, because when I went to push the bullet out, there was some pressure as though the bullet was stuck, after reloading the magazine everything worked well and fired the rest of the afternoon without any issues.

My second gun I just purchased recently, it's a Springfield Armory XDm 9mm. I did some searching around online, and went to the stores to get a feel of the gun alongside the XD9 and I felt most comfortable with the XDm so I purchased it. I felt other 9mm handguns as well and this one felt the most comfortable of them all.

I've had it for about a week now and have shot 300 rounds through it, straight out of the box it has worked flawless, no feeding issues, or jamming, feels solid shooting it, no rattles or looseness. And fairly accurate as well. I was nailing soda cans dead on from about 50+ ft away. I took my g/f out shooting with it as well and from the same distance, she was nailing soda cans too, so definitely happy with the purchase. I think she is too, she didnt enjoy shooting my .45 lol..

Well that's all I got for now, I think that my next purchase will be a Mossberg 500 shotgun.


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I have this Taurus on my hip, and the Keltec (plus laser) as a Sunday/Summer gun. Both are 9mm


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Im loving the xdm so far, it is way accurate out of the box, recoil is hardly there on my 3.8 barrel, the 19 round capacity is way nice, with a full mag its still lighter than my 1911 unloaded lol. Im not sure about concealment yet, the stock holster is bulky so I'll know more after I get a better one made.

Which one is Shane, Herzog? Lol


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Here is my "fire-arm"


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^ There's a big divet where the muscle should be.. Might wanna have that looked at.


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A Utah (or insert your state) State trooper pulled over a pick-up truck owner
for a faulty taillight. When the officer approached the driver, the man behind the wheel
handed the officer his driver's license, insurance card, and a concealed
weapon carry permit.

The officer took all the documents, looked them over and said. "Mr.Smith, I
see you have a CCW. Do you have any weapons with you?"

The driver replied, " Yes sir, I have a 357 handgun in a hip holster, a .45
in the glove box and a .22 derringer in my boot."

The officer looked at the driver and asked, "Anything else?"

"Yes sir, I have a Mossberg 500 12 gauge and an AR-15 behind the seat."

The officer asked if the man was driving to or from a shooting range and the
man said he wasn't, so the officer bent over and looked into the driver's
face and said "Mr. Smith, you're carrying quite a few guns. May I ask what
you are afraid of?

Mr. Smith locked eyes with the officer and calmly answered,"Not a F**king


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What I want to know, is how anyone can fit even half their rifles, not even counting shotguns and pistols, into one of these tiny things?




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Sweet deal. You Know I've been wanting to find some nice quality rosewood grips, with a good strong tint of red in it. But I've yet to find a company that makes what I'm looking for.

But in other news, I think that my next pick up will be a revolver if not a shotgun. How do you guys feel about revolvers?


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I've shot a snub nose S&W 9mm revolver, and it was decent. Then I shot a NAA Black Widow .22 cal. Hands down the funnest gun I've ever shot. Most accurate handgun I've ever shot too, which is weird because it only has a 2.5" barrel. It's got me thinking about getting a NAA Earl. That would be a FUN gun.