For Sale Praxair Prostar Avenger 251 220/440 mig welder


Have gun, will travel
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So, in the words of Charlie Daniels, I’m in a bind and I’m way behind and I’m lookin’ to make a deal.

I’ve had this welder for about a year and never used it because I’ve never had a tank for it and can’t afford one any time soon. It’s buried in my garage so you’ll have to settle for pics from the ad for now unfortunately. If it’s a deal breaker I can dig it out, but it looks just like this but dusty. Comes with a regulator but no tank. A place I used to work got a couple as trial rigs but ultimately stayed with the Millermatic. They have mixed reviews online, and I can’t vouch as I’ve never used it, but my boss said it worked fine but would heat up with the all day use they put it through and would need to cool off so ultimately the kept the Miller. They didn’t use it but a day or so. I’m looking to get $800 for it, but I’m open to offers.

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So much want. I have been using my stick welder a lot the last couple weeks wishing I has a 220 mig..

Will someone buy this so that I don't have to lie to my wife?


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this looks to be a KILLER price for this level of machine. I would be all over this if this was a week ago before I picked up my new miller machine


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What does it cost to get set up with a bottle and gas?
If you look around for a used bottle for sale online, you can save some money. Doesn't matter what kind of gas was in it, you're basically using it for a core. I had two of those tiny oxygen medical bottles kicking around my garage for decades. I traded them in on a 20# Co2 bottle and it made the purchase CHEAP.