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Does anyone know the laws on towing doubles? I realize you should have a cdl for the amount of axles.

I am planning on towing my car hauler and a tent trailer behind it when I go to Top Truck.

Has anyone pulled doubles through Nevada or Califonia?

I see people in Utah doing it all the time

Each state varies on their laws. I only know about UT and AZ. In UT you have to be under 65' total length unless you pay for a longer permit. You also have to be under weight as to what your truck says it can pull. In AZ the first trailer has to be a 5th wheel or gooseneck. Not sure what they are in NV or CA. A CDL is a non-issue in your case, unless you are using a semi tractor for towing, or maybe commercial purposes.
If you win do you get money? If so and your GCWR is above 26k then you need a CDL plus a doubles endorsment.
If this is the case, I would tell the cops you are not entering a contest for money, but just out for personal recreation if you get pulled over (as if they would ask that question anyways). Too many weird laws out there.

And that link is great if your car hauler is a 5th wheel or gooseneck (I am assuming bumper pull?). If not, that link really does no good since it is 5th wheel specific.


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You may know you may not but I'll put this out there anyway save yourself the coronary if you haven't already go buy a anti sway device for the back trailer it becomes a very unique experience without one.;)


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One thing to consider is the safety aspect of what you are wanting to do. Legality is a must but, you need to keep everything else safe too. The anti sway bar is a good idea on the second trailer but, you should also consider the brakes on the trailers and on your rig. Make sure that all are up to par and you may also need to make special porvisions for a second trailer plug. You will want all the lights working as you will be quite long. For the Moab Easter Jeep Safari in 2007 I pulled double trailers from my home in Los Alamos, New Mexico to Moab UT and back. No issues but, I was using a tandem dual, back hoe trailer and then my tent trailer behind that. The tandem dual has eight tires on it and the tent trailer only had the two. I could not tell the difference between pulling the back hoe trailer with or with out the tent trailer behind it. I was just a tick over 69 feet in length but no body called me on it. The back hoe trailer has brakes on both axles so I just turned up the electric brake contorler a little to adjust for the added tent trailer. Also, you will need to make sure that you are not going to be backing up very far. Every place you go you will need to plan ahead and make sure that you can just pull though. I only had one problem and that was when I turned sharp. The tent trailer started to make contact with the back hoe trailer.



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My trailer is an 18' car hauler with brakes on both axles. My buddy actually used my trailer and hooked his 4 place snowmobile trailer to it and cruised to Idaho. It pulled great. Brakes were fine. No sway. The only difference in trucks is his is a short bed 05 and mine is a long bed 02 so the long bed should make it even more stable plus the tent trailer is half the length of the snowmobile trailer. Im not worried about the safety aspect of it at all.....just dont want to get to cali and have them make me leave the tent trailer on the side of the road or impound the Scout right before TTC.

My plans for fill ups and such is my buddy is driving down as well. He can drive ahead to scope good places for gold oh..I mean diesel.


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That had to be some serious driver error.. There is no way that ?800lb? trailer pushed that fifth wheel around enough to cause any issues.. IMO.