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Wandering the desert
Spencer and Curt....are you guys flying FPV or line of sight in this footage?

I have FPV. It's nice, but sometimes I don't even turn it on. My UAV will also do follow me mode, I can also set a flight path from a tablet, or set a region of interest for it to fly around keeping a subject in frame, etc. I have oodles of video I need to edit and put something polished together.


Threat Level Midnight
Cool videos. I just ordered the Phantom 3, excited for it to get here and start doing stuff. I'll be using it for my landscape design business primarily, but plan on using it to capture some neat back country footage from time to time.


Vanilla Gorilla
very nice videos. Did you shoot and produce all the content, or just the aerial stuff?

I produce a few things but mostly heavymetalconcepts.com does the heavy lifting in the editing bay. I have been hitting the editing hard to learn techniques and composition so I can learn to shoot in a way that is edit-friendly.


Et incurventur ante non
far enough away
Just as a total aside, I have to say how stoked I am for you that this is working out. I like putting people together when their interests are the same, and the results here are fan-freakin-tastic.

Some of that footage I saw last year was just amazing. Keep up the solid work!

Here's a compilation of shots from last year

This is some of the stuff from EJS I did last year

https://youtu.be/ryDVFSGFbfg Nitto tires

https://youtu.be/xFKAM5htj9k Maxxis tires

https://youtu.be/t2xNLCWY5Cc A short film we entered in the Optima Battery Film Festival at SEMA 2015

https://youtu.be/vMpt_GhFTFg dinking around in the west desert with my bro

I have some real awesome footage but unfortunately you'll have to wait for it to be released by the clients.

Let me know what you're looking to do Steve. I have a good group of dudes that can pull off just about anything video production wise.


Vanilla Gorilla
Had the pleasure of doing the aerials for the new Optima Battery campaign that went live at SEMA for their new battery design. Had a blast shooting this year!




Had alot of rc cars, trucks and crawlers back when ya had to build em.

I want a drone badly. Been waiting awhile for pricing to go down, may pick up a used unit one of these days.
What's a good reliable filmer ?
I'm thinking a budget around 500 ish + - .

Saw a ksl ad. Someone's go pro quad flew away and never returned. [emoji54]

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