Quote for an elevated deck on under construction house.


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We're building a house right now in West Valley City and want a deck built. Its a walk out basement so the deck will be for a door on the main floor to exit to a space thats about 12x18 with stairs that go down to the ground level. We have a price from the builder but I'd like to get a couple more bids. I think we're looking at composite decking for the top but other than that don't know on the rest.

I'm not sure where to look to get additional bids if anyone here isn't interested or does this type of work. I kind of expect that most framers will be building houses in the hot economy. I also like to build stuff but don't have the confidence to tackle this on my own. If someone has the ability or desire I'd be happy to pay for that experience to get the guts built with my help while I finished the treads. I'm open to a conversation about that.

Time line is within the next 2 months or in the spring.