RAM That Truck Build / Dual Purpose? Triple?


This has to be a manufacturing defect. I just had the tires rotated balanced.

I haven't driven it all week.

Tonight I noticed the tread on my rear tires is chunking off. I haven't don't anything with it except drive from Layton to Draper and back tonight.

These tires have really turned to craptastic fast.
Yeah, that doesn't sound right at all.... I'd take them back to the shop you bought them from and see about a manuf. warranty. Get them replaced with something else.
Been a while since I last updated this.

Sitting on 56K miles now. Almost time for new tires.

It's going in tomorrow for a water pump recall. Apparently some trucks have caught fire due to the water pump overheating and catching fire. Wierd but oh well.

Nothing but oil changes have been done. The transmission service will be done next month as well.

It's nice having a truck that always works right.



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No. I'm actually looking at 295/75/17 Cooper stt max currently. A little narrower tire. They have pretty good reviews with guys with this same truck. They work good with towing and seem to last pretty good.
Okay, I have some factory alloy 18's kickin around with no truck if you change your mind
Hey quick update. Going on 2 years with this truck now. It just hit around 68K miles.

Running a new set of 305/75/17's Nitto Terra Grapplers. Just installed in May 2018. I got close to 50K out of the last set, decided that was pretty damn good with the amount of towing I do with the truck.

Last week the clutch on the AC compressor blew up. But I somehow managed to make it home from 8 hours away without too much issue. Miracles still do happen.

I swapped it out last friday night, and put a new serpentine belt on it since I was in there. Total cost for that was around $300. Then I took it to a local guy to have the AC Vac'd out and Recharged. It kept blowing refrigerant out while they were refilling it. After some trouble shooting they realized I was missing an o-ring that had not been supplied with the new compressor. They installed it, refilled it and now it has icy cold AC again!!!

While I had the front wheel off and the splash guard out I noticed my front brake pads had about a penny's thickness left. So new pads should be here today and installed. I got some ceramic pads off Amazon for about $50.