Rear Main Seal


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First off, I never know if my questions are Technical or General so I apologize to the MODS if it's in the wrong area. With my limited knowledge on the subject coupled with the amount of oil lost and a diagnostic from a shop who no longer provides the service I am sure it needs replaced so I'm asking if anyone knows or a shop or someone who they would trust their vehicle with. I understand it is a pretty easy job but extremely time consuming so I don't really fault shops for not wanting to do it but I'm starting to miss driving that chunk of steel around and want to get some miles in before gas is $10 a gallon which will be probably next week. I don't mind lending a hand either if someone can put up with me that long. Thanks


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Some are simple. Some are not so simple. What vehicle is it? You may get away with just dropping the pan and rear main cap. Other will require removing the transmission, so a lot more involved.


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on the 4.0L it's much easier to do if the vehicle has a lift... most cases you can just drop the pan and do it. Still a pita and time consuming but overall not too bad. Just follow the instructions really well so you don't end up having another leaking seal right after. Last time I did one, I cut the seal on the block pressing it in, but I caught it and replaced it putting it back together.