Record Snow pack, floods next?


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I've seen data sets on this, I'll find them again. But unit for unit, sure. A two bedroom condo uses less water than a five bedroom single family home. But when you have six condos on the same footprint as the single family home, you're using more resources with the condos.
Water use in the structure goes up, but overall water use goes down. Those lawns use way more water than condos, it’s not even close


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Water use in the structure goes up, but overall water use goes down. Those lawns use way more water than condos, it’s not even close
Some cases perhaps, but I water my lawn twice a week not going for the hank hill lawn. Just my wife, the dog and me using water in the house. I'd venture to guess the amount of water being used in condos that would fit on the footprint of my property would be significantly higher than my house. Now if I had 5 kids using water it might even out a bit, but if every one of those condos has 2-3 people i'm certain it would still use more water than me with 2 water users and my lawn. Not to mention the hotter temps created by the concrete jungle vs the 20+ trees I have in my yard.

Long story short I don't think water use going down in high density housing can be used in a blanket statement just like saying single family homes using less can't be used as a blanket statement.


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When I was out at the Facebook data center in Eagle Mtn, the excavator said they were adding 80 gallons of water to every yard of dirt! The old dry lakebed was so silty that’s how much water was needed to get it compacted correctly.

They had a retaining pond with 2 4” fire hoses filling it up full time around the clock for months. They would use water faster than those hoses could fill the pond. Crazy


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Northern valley of where I live (river runs North here) Super glad I live a little up higher on the bench!



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In ‘83 they had a really late snowpack/cold spring, with a sudden change to 80* weather. ‘82 was also almost as big of a winter, so soil saturation was maxed out. It was the perfect combo, so the flooding was epic. You see the preparations happening with many reservoirs preemptively draining down so they have surge capacity, which I don’t believe was in place in ‘83.

That said, there could be some water in some houses really easy. The governor said pray for snow, he should have told folks to be more specific in their requests. I feel like this is on him.
Actually, it is on you and all Utah voters that voted for politicians that did not prepare for the future.