South-East Utah Reopened! Staircase on Hells Revenge


Starting Over
Staircase is an older route option that has been closed for 10-15 years and was just recently reopened by the BLM. My understanding is that it was an old Search & Rescue access to bypass the majority of the trail.

The location is right before Tip Over Challenge, about 200-300' before the obstacle. It's well signed and easy to find, take a hard left and start by dropping down a narrow hill, then you cross a short section of slickrock and come to an intersection with another sign. You can choose the bypass and stay in the bottom of the valley, or continue on straight ahead to the chute that makes up the Staircase. Once you've completed the Staircase, you're heading towards the start of the trail.

The Staricase obstacle is similar to Hells Gate, IMO.... shorter but also has a couple of off camber ledges and holes. Tire placement is critical as you pass over the holes, Matt @UPNO4 in his LJ get pretty twisted up but didn't lift any tires that I saw. My Gladiator lifted tires twice on the way up, but it was fairly uneventful. I missed most of @mbryson run up, but it seemed pretty smooth as well.