For Sale Ridgid "Hybrid" Table Saw


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I've had this saw for probably 3 or 4 years and its been good. Its in good shape with a couple scratches on the top from normal use (and moving) but nothing crazy. Its a Ridgid R4512 10" hybrid table saw. The hybrid refers to being kind of between a portable contractors saw and a pro style cabinet saw. Its got a "mobile base" built into it that makes moving it around the shop easier and can be wired either 120v or 240v. Its currently 120v but at the old house I had it set up as 240v so I didn't have to use an extension cord. The fence is decent but doesn't hold square front to back while making adjustments so you need to put a tape on it to verify its at the same place front to back before you lock it down. From what I understand this is pretty typical in this price range of saws. It weighs about 270 lbs so its nice and heavy and doesn't move around at all while making cuts. I think the motor is about 1.5 horse but can't find documentation to back that up, it lists as being 13 amp.

I've been thinking about upgrading my table saw for a while now and am at the point where if I can sell my current saw I'm ready to make the jump. I'm looking to step up to a 3 hp cabinet saw which will handle the bigger 8/4+ (2"+) hard wood I've been building with and am looking for a higher level of accuracy and easier to obtain repeatable cuts.

Home Depot is selling these new for $650. I bought it on sale and before a price increase which is why I'm asking $375. Its a perfectly functional saw. I have a shop built crosscut sled I'll include if its wanted and we can talk about leaving the saw blade installed if there is interest. It also will come with the OEM insert plate and a zero clearance insert plate.

I'm out in West Valley and can help load it up if you need it. Left me know if there are any questions.




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I have essentially the same saw and love mine. GLWTS. Whoever buys this will get a great saw.