Other Region RME Baja trip... ?


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If anyone needs a Baja Atlas, they're back in stock for $20 here!



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One of these years I'm going to make this trip. We're actually going to be in Punta Mita from March 1 to March 8.


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Open invite for another Baja trip... March 19th - 27th.

Tentative plan for now is drive to Yuma, AZ on the 19th, head over the border on the 20th and into San Felipe. Spend a couple days there, then probably head further South. Bay of LA for a night or 2 and charter a fishing boat, possibly drive down to the amazing beaches at San Francisquito for a day. Then work on heading back. Get over the border on the 26th and drove home on the 27th.

We'd be in the wife's F150, hoping to have a RTT over the bed and be set up for camping.

I’m 100% down for this if I can bring my family with?

I need to baptize the new power wagon in Baja silt 😎