RME Car Cruise Cedar City to Spanish Fork 9/16 - 9/17


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Although l have made this run in part several times over the years this is the first time i have drove it for the purpose of "Driving". My wife and i drove down Friday night and stayed in Parowan, we woke up ready to tour it up :D. We drove to Cedar City in the morning and grabbed some burger king breakfast and topped off the fuel tank. We met up with Marc at the Walmart and Marc brought Troy wilittel. They had left early in the morning and drove down saturday, we talked for a min and headed east up Cedar Canyon on SR-14, this was and awesome canyon and one that i had never seen before. The canyon offered amazing views and some great winding roads. We took the SR - 14 to Highway 89 and headed north towards Bryce Canyon, we hit the junction to SR-12 and were heading east to Escalante. We had lunch at Nemo's Drive thru in Escalante around 11:45. We spent an hour or so eating and talking, it was nice to catch up with Mark and Troy. We headed out for the part of the drive i was looking forwar to, 10 miles east of Escalante is The Grand Staircase, if you havent been there you need to. The drive is as good as the view to me, i have seen it many times, this time was for the drive. I like this drive because it is always changing, from town to town almost. You have Red Rock, White Rock, lava, Ponterosa pines, aspens, pinyon pine all within just a short period of time, the landscape is always changing. We hit Torrey around 3:15 and decided to head towards Salina, this would cut time off of the original trip plan and get us home durring daylight. We made a stop in Salina for a drink and snack and decided that we would split at Nephi, i had a friend in Genola I was going to stop and see and Marc could just hit the freeway home.

I am glad Marc and Troy were able to make it, its good to spend time with friends you dont get to see often. Im also happy that someone actually was able to join me, and give me a good view all day in my mirrior. I didn't really take any pictures but I grabbed some off of the GoPro, my mount was junk and all the video sucks so im not going to edit any of it, i will buy a new suction mount asap.







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It was a great day! Long in the "saddle" (saddle being a fairly nice, GM-Australian seat) but worth the time. I pushed my car a little here and there and found some limits but for the most part the car stuck hard in the corners trying to keep up with something 25-30% lighter than it.

The hogs back was way worth the drive and similar to what I remember it being. We talked about another drive in the future. Anyone have any suggestions?


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I definitely want to be a part of this. Only weekends that I cannot do it are September 22 and October 27th. I should be good on any other date. A Saturday would be great for me. Should we do same route but backwards? Tropic to cedar? I am game for anything just want to do it.