Update RME is now HTTPS


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Auburn, WY
It's been a long time coming, but I am very happy to announce that we have finally transitioned RME to full TLS HTTPS.

What is TLS?

How does this affect me?
If we did it right, you shouldn't notice much at all with the exception of a "lock" in your address bar.

Mostly because we have a login form. Your passwords are encrypted in our database, but without TLS encryption, any data that you pass in a browser can be intercepted by somebody on your own network and especially on open wifi access points. Using encryption prevents this from happening! Your data is safer and it's a big reason there is a huge push for TLS/SSL everywhere.

Another reason is that I don't really want the NSA to pickup on all of our great tech and conversations here without actually visiting the site for themselves. Lazy jerks. ;)

Sometimes the lock shows and exclamation point. What's up with that?
This means that there is an image posted in a thread or that is not coming from an http:// source (not https://). This is something we cannot control, as many image providers do not use TLS/SSL yet. The page you are viewing on RME is secure, but elements contained within (like an image) may not be.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.