South-East Utah RME May Trip - Price, UT


I'm going to need some assistance with this one, I don't know the Price trails at all. It would be great to have people help out with trail ratings, selection and leading. I'm not even sure I have the right rig for them, so I don't know if I'll be attending. Lets talk about it and make a plan. Should we plan for 2 different trails, one harder and one less challenging?

  • Date: May 18th & 19th. Anyone want to add Friday, the 17th too?
  • This will be a very challenging rockcrawling trip, minimum of 35" tires, 2 lockers, winch, recovery gear and body protection required!
  • Trail Ratings?
  • Meeting place and time?
  • Group Size.... better if we have a smaller group, 10 rigs or less. If we have more, we should consider splitting up.
What else do we need to discuss and plan?


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Kamas, UT
Although I used to live there and run the trails often, it's been long enough that I'm not sure I'd be a good leader of the trails. I know where they are and where they go, but these are the types of trails that change seasonally, and I haven't seen most of them for several years. That said, I will lead if we can't find a few locals to do it. If we have some local volunteers to lead, I will happily supply support / tail gun / etc.

There are various trail difficulty levels, as per most areas. I think it would be good to have at least two different groups, pending the amount of people wanting to join.

Greg - you'd have a blast in the Willys down there. It's short and nimble enough to make through most of the wash boulder stuff.

Locals - Is Judgement Day still fun and run-able? That would make a good Sunday buggy trail.


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Herriman, UT
I would love to be to this. Likely just Friday night and Saturday - all day. I've never run anything down there, but have wanted to for a while. Looking forward to more info.