RME Meet & Greet!


Vanilla Gorilla

Also please remind the mormons that they will not go to hell if they hang out with some dudes in a bar and drink coke products. Several mormons attended the last meetup and seemed to have a good time. I saw none of them start on fire and I've not heard of the Danites being re-organized so y'all should be fine!


.......a few dollars more
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...when you HAD hair, or....?
Heh bring the Buick

I haven't had hair on top since about 1993-94? Wish the rest would go away. The hair fell off and grew other places.

Buick would be a VERY cold ride. Don't want to risk any rust either. (She's a curvy gal but nekkid at the moment--needs some coverage on the bare metal spots). Glad to show it off before/afterwards in my garage in Bountiful if anyone has interest
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