Official RME Monthly Trail Run Planning


I'd love to finally do some Colorado scenic trails. How would a crew cab, shortbed F150 with a 2" lift and rear locker do?
Probably OK, but we may have to stay off Black Bear pass with it!

But.... it sounds like July and the San Juans isn't going to work out... I realize it was late planning on my part, sorry about that. What would you guys like to do for July & August? Finding some cool weather and high elevation would be preferable.


When would be the best time for you guys? I have Fri, Sat & Sundays off... could take a day off on either end, as well.

We could boondock camp in the woods or stay in a campground with running water. All depends on the ladies and what comfort level is desired.


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Given the drive to get there it would mean all three days to get one day of trails in unless we camp up a trail somewhere so that could classify as another day. I can take an extra day on either or both ends as well. No dirt roads for my wife so it's just me so primitive camping is fine. If possible a base camp for a few nights makes things easier.


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Wish I could commit to a date. It’s been an interesting summer so far. Seems like I’m blindsided everyother week.

I will be watching and if what you guys plan works out I will be in touch