South-West Utah Sand Hollow - #drivetrails


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Toquerville UT
Rich Klein and I have been working on a new video series....we are beta testing everything on the 10-rated Arrowhead trail at Sand Hollow.

Simply, obstacle by obstacle instructional videos, explaining the lines and techniques with two very different rigs....I'm on a bare-bones FToy and Rich in a rear-steer buggy. This video is from the first portion of the Z-Turn obstacles, and requires climbing your drivers front tire VERY high while allowing the rear to shuffle to the drivers side.

You can follow the series with the hashtag #drivetrails or by keeping up with the Trail Hero page. These videos are the short term plan...we are also working on a fully immersive 360 virtual reality video setup, allowing you to ride along as the trails are driven. The goal is to cover EVERY trail at Sand Hollow, and provide tips, information and instruction for every level of vehicle/driver. #neverstoplearning

(I'm hoping FB videos work here....hmmmm....if not, click the link!)



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This is cool Woody. I saw the first one on Facebook. It's nice for fellas like me that are pretty average drivers wanting to try a new obstacle, and might not have someone to coach you through it. It seems at Sand Hollow, for me at least, I have enough friends that are more familiar with the obstacles than myself, so I am usually shown the way through a tough section. But every now and then, I'm leading a group and we are all new to the section.

It kindof reminds me of the "Crawl the Line" videos Larry McRae used to do. I especially like the play by play instruction Rich gives throughout the obstacle though, so you know the reason for every budge of the steering wheel.

Keep them coming brother!