Scouting for coyote


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I've been doing some scouting lately. Already knew numbers are way down this year after the drought and tough winter. So I've been really trying to find any decent numbers I can for the upcoming season. Have covered over 500 miles of dirt the last few weeks just seeing what I can see. It's looking grim out there. The range is in fantastic shape, absolutely gorgeous, this year has been great and it's recovering quickly. Just doesn't seem that a whole lot of varmints lived to see it. Have found a few pockets, should do okay early on. But it's going to be a tough year over all, for me, I think.

Out this past weekend, the Perseids meteor shower was on and that was cool.



Anyhoo… Been getting a few questions in email lately about how to find coyotes, so I put up a new post last night, going over what little bit I think I know about it. Might be of interest or use to someone just starting out.

Scouting for coyote.


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See any chukars in your travels? It was a down year for them last year. Still got into a few but I imagine if you're not finding coyotes, you're not seeing birds either.
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When is "coyote season"? i.e. when can you shoot them?

There's no actual season. Can shoot them anytime. I just prefer to wait until the young are self sufficient and the fur is useable. Then I prefer to stop when breeding season begins to leave them alone to raise their young.



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One reason the numbers are down is due to a longer snow season this spring, which allowed my helicopters longer "prime conditions" to dispose of them. Generally if their is fresh snow their disposal numbers jump to near 10x compared to dry conditions. Lots of consistent snow days here did the trick. Nearly 300 a week was the average for my guys... including multiple 100 a day outings. They always come back and tell me where they left some for me to call, but their too smart for me and i rarely get any.

Makes you wonder why they cant solve the horse issue in a few weeks....