seriously thinking of selling my LJ....


too poor to wheel... :(
Layton, Utah
With the prices of JK coming down quickly, I seriously have been thinking of selling my LJ and picking up a 4door rubicon. But then I see other LJ's that are not selling or going for way less then they should be.

Have I waited to long to sell? doesn't anyone want LJ's anymore?


Hopefully you're thinking of buying a 2012 and newer JK, the older ones have a pretty crappy engine and in my opinion it's a pretty big detraction.

Do you want a 2 door or 4 door? Rubicon, or no? Built or stock?

I think LJ's are still desirable to some folks, you just have to find the right buyer and have a price that justifies the mods, condition, miles, etc.

I may be listing my JKU later this year, so I can get into a diesel JL. ;)


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I think the key to getting top dollar for an LJ is not wanting to sell it. I plan on keeping mine until either it, or I, can't go no more. Have had a couple serious offers that I didn't ask for and didn't take, just guys walking up on me in parking lots and trying to buy my Jeep (apparently that really happens!). But the last offer was big enough to have me giving it some real thought!

And those thoughts were...

End of the day, I just can't afford to sell it. If I bought a JL (personally, I'd just skip the JK, at this point...), I'd be looking at easily $25K+ in mods after the purchase for a moderate build (put about $20K in mods into my LJ). Mods are always paid in cash, no financing. I just don't have that kind of room to maneuver in the budget at this time in my life.

Or, I can keep the LJ that has been paid for and fully built more than ten years already and just put a little money into it as needed and go anywhere that $70K JL could take me, with less comfort for sure, but more style.

If the JT becomes reality and is cool enough, I may well be in the market for a used one ten years from now. But I'd still keep the LJ.

When I had the money and was looking for a LJ, no one wanted to sell for a reasonable price. Now that I no longer have the funds for one, there are several listed at good prices. My timing just sucks. If an orange one with a black hard top and 6 speed Rubi came up, I might just have to find the money though.


.......a few dollars more
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It's a tough call to want to sell an LJ. I've had the JKU, my trail Jeep and spend a bit of time in my son's TJ. A built LJ is kind of a good place to be in my opinion. I've more than once considered snagging the blue one for sale on here, selling the MJ, and "Jeep" and using the LJ. Just seems like a good match for what I'd use it for.

My "Jeep" is WAY overbuilt for what I use it for now. MJ is more work than I have time for and not that comfortable for me. A solid LJ could be a good place to be? I originally intended to stretch my "Jeep" (wheelbase and body/frame) to fit a CJ8 top. That is basically an LJ if I threw some heavier axles under it (probably not needed?)


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An LJ is my dream rig- unfortunately the older they get and higher miles, the less likely that seems (to be my 85 mile/day daily driver.)

In about 6 months we will be vehicle shopping for my wife. If the right price, right mileage LJ came up, would certainly take a look at it, even if meant giving up my Xterra as my DD for something more practical.


So there is a LJ near me that has been for sale for awhile now, it's stock, looks clean, has pretty high miles (180k) and is priced at $8000. I keep thinking how awesome it would be to build with a Cummins 2.8 CRD crate motor, add Teraflex suspension with longarms & Falcon shocks, Highline the front end and run it with 3-4" lift and 37's... possibly ditch the Dana 30 for a Tera 44. It would be a lot cheaper than a new JL diesel, probably simpler too. But I really like the 4 door Wrangler! And I have enough projects as it is... and I really don't want my main 4x4 to be a project.