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I mean honestly who can write this “article” with a straight face.

"Our work isn't done," Biden said. "America still has a choice to make — a choice between a government by the few for the few or a government for all of us, democracy for all of us, an economy where all of us have a fair shot and a chance to earn our place in the economy."

"Wall Street didn't build this country, the middle class built this country," Biden said, adding that if investment bankers went on strike, not much would happen to the U.S. economy.”

He recalled food lines and job losses under former President Donald Trump and sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, and noted record low unemployment today.

"Talk about a contrast. Ordinary people waiting in line for an hour for a box of food," while presidential policies created more billionaires than ever in American history, he said.

Honestly trying to compare today’s climate to the climate during the pandemic? Look at all the people without jobs waiting in line for food boxes…. Look how great I am I’ve reduced unemployment and raised wages! I’ve deleted the middle class that “built this country” give me a break. You want to call out people standing in line for food boxes let’s be honest they were probably under Supreme leader Nancy’s regime that we’re forced out of work by their insane response to the scary virus.


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Y'all should give 2000 Mules a watch...
I’ve seen some critics of the movie trying to say that the geo-tracking done to monitor “mules” is not accurate or cannot definitively be done. However, when the FBI used the same type of technology to round up and charge many of the Jan. 6 suspects, it’s a trusted/valuable law enforcement method. 😂