Social Distancing trip?


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I need to try out the new antenna.
I finally ditched the cheapest mag mount I could find for a Larsen NMO 2/70, a Larsen NMO mount with solder-on PL-259 connector, and a stainless fender mount.
I think this combo was specifically designed for a 2013 F-150.
When I first installed it I seated the antenna fully in the mount and lucked into amazing SWR readings with no tuning.
4W and 10W output power: SWR is between 1.2 and 1.1
30W and 80W output power: SWR is between 1.1 and 1.0
I have a crossed needle SWR meter and on the higher power settings the reflected power needle barely twitches.
Now if the display on the radio would work without pushing on the faceplate with both hands :) (new faceplate is on the way from Taiwan via ebay)
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I'm certain they're open, not sure how wet or dry they are at the moment. We can plan a Rattlesnake run one of these weekends, too.
I was out that way yesterday and found little to no mud.

Massive OHV crowds out there yesterday

I loaded up the fam & dog in the 80, hit the Tintic Mining Tunnel, had a picnic there, cruised Eureka & got a massive impromptu Mopar car show, headed up through Vernon and along the PET towards Cedar Fort, stopped along the PET to let the dog run and hike around a little bit. Fantastic day.

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Are you not entertained?!
I've been feeling like planning a group trip at this point isn't wise, any other thoughts?