For Sale - Firm Price ***SOLD*** 1981 CJ7, 350/nv4500/d300


Et incurventur ante non
far enough away
Asking Price
One last chance to get this to someone else before I start doing stuff to it... a pretty clean old Jeep,. This is the Laredo package, so it's got a clock, the factory side steps, and factory pinstriping...

Has a 98 Chevy Vortec 350, Nv4500, and a Dana 300. Runs pretty well. Original axles and a 4" lift..

Comes with hard doors, hard top, 2 sets of soft doors!, and a soft top in decent shape. Has few minor issues: tires are dumb and need to be swapped, headlights aren't working..I've also got a bunch of stock CJ springs if you want to lower it or do a springover.

Anyway, it's a decent Jeep, and I'll happily, but if one of you wants to keep this in the shape it's in, I can cut up a YJ or TJ just as easily.

Price is firm.but I'd consider trades for a decent YJ, or a TJ roller. Drivetrain and axles will be swapped so I'm real flexible on condition.

Located in Tooele20211130_162518.jpg20211130_162531.jpg20211130_162538.jpg20211130_162550.jpg20211130_162613.jpg20211130_162641.jpg20211130_162652.jpg20211130_162717.jpg20211130_162725.jpg
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