Sold a Mustang Bought a Jeep!

I sold my 66 mustang fastback last year, took the cash same day and bought a 97 Wrangler. The Mustang was on a rotisserie, not running, and I got sick of only working on it and not driving it. I enjoy mechanics/welding/making stuff work so a solid running Jeep was the ticket! It has some good parts on it but I have found out it is never enough! I am building a Ford 8.8 as we speak and have added other goodies (winch, bigger tires, PSC, front locker, etc...) Looking forward to getting out with some experienced RME wheeler's who can help me with proper off road skills and tech stuff...
Yes it was...but I am over it now that I've taken the TJ off-road a few times and experienced what fun that is . The first thing I did when I bought the jeep was put 33 x 12.50's on it. It had 31 inch tires and was geared 4.56, so that was a huge improvement! But of course now I'm ready to move on to 35s. Once I get the Ford 8.8 rear axle complete it will be ready for that.