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I have been needing a new speedometer for my CJ8 and found an interesting unit from SpeedHut. They have a gauge that fits right in the old speedometer spot and uses GPS for the speed. The reviews I have read are good and this would allow me to lose the speedo cable and never worry about gears and tire size. They are a bit pricey but would make for a nice unit for my latest engine/tranny/tcase swap. Have any of you used one of their GPS speedometers ?


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I have one in my buggy. It seems pretty accurate and has worked great. I really don’t have a lot to say about it, which is probably a good thing because It does its job with no problems so far. It’s roughly 2 years old.
I have a set of SpeedHut gauges on my Sami truggy for the past 8 years.

Good looking units, come with adjustable light dimming as well (blue light on a white background). They have held up great over the years considering that the Sami sits out side year round they have never leaked, scratched or faded.

Only time the speed-O stopped working was on the last RME Hanging tree run. I could not get any satellite coverage until we popped up on top of the mountain.


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i'm saving up for a speedhut speedometer. I like the features and that It will will with the vss thats already on my drivetrain.


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I've got them in my buggy and Blazer.
My buggy came with them and I bought them for my blazer.
Its the only gauges I will run these days.

I had a temp gauge freak out on me once and read super low so I called them and they had me send it in.
I wasn't the original buyer and had no idea how old they were etc...
It was received, repaired, and shipped back the same day.
They even paid for the return shipping.
I waited a few days and the day I was gonna call to see if they had it and if it could be repaired, expecting to pay for the repair and it was already in my mailbox.

Doesn't get any better than that guys...


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Has anyone here used a GPS speedometer that wasn't SpeedHut brand?


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I currently have a fleabay insert whatever cheapest option Chinese gauge. Other than being basic and ugly it has worked fine and survived KOH. I’m surprised at the accuracy at speeds below 10 and in canyons. I’ve logged probably 500 Offroad miles on it.