Stag’s H2

Instead of keeping cluttering up the “What did you work on today?” thread, I’ll branch off.

Owners Name & City-

Chance, Utah County

Make, Model & Year of Vehicle-
2007 Hummer H2 Base

6.0L Vortec


Full time 4wd, 4-hi lock and 4-lo lock


Stock, GM 9.5 rear


Stock, torsion IFS, coilsprung rear (not the airbag factory setup)

Wheels and Tires-

37” Maxxis Razr M/T on garbage chrome 17’s


Soon to install the Badlands 12k winch from my JT

Favorite Trails-

Poison Spider
AF Canyon

Lots of LED lights
Wolfbox rear view mirror
Aftermarket remote start
Onboard air (12v Viair compressors)
5% tint all around

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First ‘mod’ I did to the H2 after buying it was installing a Wolfbox rearview mirror.

It’s a recording dashcam and rearview mirror combo. You can swipe the screen to change between displaying front or rear cameras, but personally I like the split screen the most.

When you put the trans in reverse it automatically goes to fullscreen rear cam.



On my grind
Pleasant Grove
Tonight I added a switch relay assembly made by Auxbeam (China, of course) to control my lights and air compressors and other 12v goodies

I needed to mount this relay box somewhere and the place I decided on is directly on top of the battery. I hope this doesn’t prove to be a dumb move, I guess fumes from the battery could cause early terminal corrosion? We’ll see I guess.

But for it to have a place to mount I made this bracket; the bottom part of it (the rectangle) just sits under the battery, and then the uprights allow me to mount a bracket that came with the switch relays.

Eventually I’ll get it powdercoated but because of the Moab trip this weekend I just threw a quick coat of paint on it.

Then added the relay box. This box seems much bigger and bulkier than it really needs to be, but oh well.

Because it’s GM it’s a sidemount-terminal battery, so I had to swap out the factory terminal bolts with ones that had an additional stud on the end for aftermarket wiring attachment.

From there I made some battery cables from 2ga battery cable I had.
And here it is with the cover on. Fairly clean look, but again I think this box could have been a lot smaller.

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Been looking hard at that Auxbeam setup. I'm interested to know what you think after you've played with it for a weekend.


On my grind
Pleasant Grove
Been looking hard at that Auxbeam setup. I'm interested to know what you think after you've played with it for a weekend.
I’m impressed so far. The switch pod allows you to program between momentary and toggle for each button. The switch pod backlight are RGB so you can pick any backlight color you want, and there’s a phone app and also a remote to be able to turn any switch on remotely.

Amazon link