Stolen suburban

My dad had his suburban stolen out of his driveway last night, it's a 2002 tan 2500, it has aftermarket wheels, and a big Bondo patch on the rear hatch. The plate number is 299whf, please let me know if anyone sees anything. It was stolen from the East Millcreek area. People are the worst
Just spoke with my dad, he said he talked to the police today to give them a little more information. So the story is that he went to holladay Lions rec center with the little nephews and lost his keys. He never found them and then two days later, the truck ends up stolen. So the police were saying they have had something like this happen a few times. I guess there has been a problem with keys going missing at the rec center and cars going missing a few days later. Not sure on validity of that but that's what he was told. Other than that, nothing new about the truck. Thanks to all who are keeping an eye out.