For Sale Stretched 2005 Rubicon LJ


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Spanish Fork, UT
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Used - Good Condition
2005 Jeep Wrangler LJ Rubicon

Info About The Jeep And Why it’s Up For Sale:

6 speed manual, AC, I6 4.0 engine, 72,400 miles, asking $22,000 OBO

There is very little you can’t concur with this rig! It will keep up with most buggys. Everything on this jeep was designed and built to “Off-Road” while maintaining a better than factory ride on road. It performs amazingly well while still being street legal. I am the one who originally built this rig, I sold it 6 years ago when I bought a JK. I just bought it back for my son but unfortunately, he doesn’t want to give up his truck so this is for sale.

● Tom woods driveline
● Nth Degree Mobility long arm 6” lift
● Nth Degree Mobility Lower Control Arm Skids
● Nth Degree Tummy Tuck and dogleg control arms (makes the belly almost flat to the frame rails from tire to tire)
● Currie Enterprise HD Tie Rod & Link combo - steering
● Kilby Enterprises Steering Box skid
● Custom engineered long travel remote reservoir shocks. (This was a custom collaboration between Nth degree and bilstein. They are based off of 7100’s. The shock is fully rebuildable and serviceable if ever needed.
● Front and rear Nth degree diff guard sliders, these protect the pinion and driveshaft’s
● Nth degree lightening quick disconnect anti-sway bar links
● Vehicle is set up to clear 40” tires (currently running 35). Both fenders will clear without a body lift
● The underbelly is completely armored
● Custom 6” wheelbase stretch- this is the best mod I have ever done. Moving the rear axle back eliminates the overhang inherent in LJ’s and puts you at a near perfect wheelbase 109”. This was accomplished without altering the frame. Axles was moved from the LJ position to the stock TJ rearward position.
● Rear Shock Mounts - Location is close to the rear wheels. Location bracket allows the shocks to be protected, it increases ground clearance under the axle. Was necessary to get the travel from the shocks.
● Nth Degree Mobility Front Trackbar brace
○ Goes frame rail to frame rail and ties into the front trackbar mount.
● Trackbars - Both trackbars are running SPC xAxis joints on one end.
● RCV front axles
Chromoly rear axles
● Rubicon Dana 44 Front and Rear with stock air lockers
● 4:88 gears
● Warn Differential Skid Plates Front & Rear
● Upgraded brakes - running a larger master cylinder to compensate for larger tires
Exterior Armor

● Custom sealed (keep out mud and rust) and reinforced Poison spyder highline front fenders.
● Aluminum rear fender armor. Cut to clear 40” tires.
Inner Fenders:
● Poison spyder inner fender wells.
● Highline hood with Poison Spyder Louver Insert
● MAC cold air intake- converts the cowl to an airbox
Front Bumper:
● Nth Degree Mobility Front Bumper with Grill Hoop, removable winch tray
Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier:

● GenRight Rear Bumper with trailer hitch and “D” ring tabs
Rockguard & Rock Slider:

● Nth Degree Mobility Boatside Rocker Guards (inserts added to keep out mud)
Gas Tank Skid:

● Kilby Enterprises (altered gas tank skid, alteration adds room so you can’t damage the pump with a hard hit)
Oil Pan Skid:
● Nth Degree Mobility Oil Pan Skid
York On-Board-air compressor

● Air chucks on both bumpers,
● 5 gallon air tank
● Pressure gauge in cab
● Kilby oil return line
● Mounted with a Kilby Enterprises bracket
● Custom electronic throttle control, currently set at 1800 rpms which is perfect for airing up tires and running air tools.
● Warn 9.5 winch with synthetic line and aluminum fairlead
Trailer Light Wiring

· RV 7 plug
CB Radio Rack & Wiring:
● CB rack with CB

● Cooper Discoverer STTR Pros 315 75R16 (conversion would be considered a 35” tire and it’s on a 16” Wheel)
● Wheels - 16” Standard Rubicon Wheels
● New battery

● New Windshield
Flasher Relay:
● L.E.D. compatible
Horn System:
● Dual trumpet Train Horns under hood ran from compressor
New power steering pump, fresh alignment, fresh tire balance, new bushings where needed, new wheel bearing/hubs, rear driveline fully rebuilt and tubed, new windshield
The bad- the paint is in rough shape- It has been continuously touched up so it looks ok from a few feet back but you can see all the chips up close. When in reverse it likes to pop out. I never noticed because I always keep my hand on the gear shift but my son pointed it out. I had it checked over and there isn’t anything wrong its just loose in reverse. There is a dent in the rear armor behind the passenger door. That armor could be removed, and the dent fixed if the buyer chooses to. There is rock rash, although all scratches are immediately touched up to avoid rust.


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.......a few dollars more
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This rig was in SERIOUS consideration leading up to EJS 2022. Super tempting still but I think my $ will have to go other places for another 12-15 months