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Hey you should do solar so you can charge it with the power of the sun. @Hickey do you agree?



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If you haven't listened to the Freakonimics episode about electric cars, linked below, you should. Some pretty interesting ideas in there such as using cars parked in garages plugged in as power reservoirs, like a Tesla wall on wheels. The problem I see is people think we need all or nothing. Like if every Jeep isn't a wrangler, there can be no jeeps. Electric cars are now pretty cool and have lots of great features. They aren't totally guilt free when it comes to the environment, no intelligent person is claiming they are.



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I have loved this for the last 7 weeks we have had it. Almost 2 full months in and we have spent about $18 dollars to drive it. For someone who commutes like we do it cant be beat, the fact that its blistering fast is just a bonus.
How bad do you get raped on that road usage tax though?

Just curious for honest figure. Yahoo’s on KSL comments claim they’re paying 5 figures a year.


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so expanding the math 8100 miles is break even on the flat fee...

For now. As more and more electric cars get on the road, replacing those paying significantly higher shares of road use taxes via the pump per mile... that per mile number is expected to rise. I suspect the fed will get in on per mile tax sooner or later, they can’t continue their pyramid scheme of public spending without their share of the gas tax.

For giggles, say you have an ICE car getting 30mpg and drive 8100 miles, that’s 270 gallons. In the state of Utah you would have paid $86.40 (rounding a tad). But at 15,000 miles/yr, your giving the state $160.
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