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Everyone has a Hi Lift Jack. We've used them for decades. They're useful as heck and dangerous, if you aren't careful.

Brennan Metcalf recently came up with a pretty neat alternative for the DIY guys who can weld. He offers a flat-pack weld-on kit for use with a popular trailer jack. The end result is a much faster, safer, and smaller package.


You first need to source an appropriate trailer jack. I already had one on my Jeep Dolly, so I decided to combine them. Clean off the paint on the side opposite of the jack handle and position the laser cut flat bar. Make sure it's centered and tack it together in a couple places.


Using the hardware supplied, weld the pin washer in place.

Now rack the foot together and make sure it engages the pin holes on the flat bar in each position before welding it in full.


Weld a few spots, jumping around a bit so you don't warp the jack body.

Finish weld the foot

Paint and assemble and you're done!

The extra leg on mine is for use on the Jeep Dolly.