The upcoming moto ride/quick report.


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You made me stay up all night thinking.
In reality, I am barely even up to par with the amateur guys. I joined the expert more as an experiment to see if it would help my skills increase being with the faster guys, because it really made a difference going from novice to amateur.
But truth is, especially on a course like this week, I will probably be in the way of a lot of fast guys, making it unsafe for them and me.
I imagine I can change my class to amateur at sign ups before the race?
Didn't you already get new numbers to reflect the expert class? I’d say screw it and do what you planned. If your results are so good that they protest you then maybe you are a sandbagger 😉


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@glockman just have them bring them to the race in 2 weeks.......if Clark County issues the permit. Racing your first expert race on a fun off road course is better for your ego than standing on a stage.😂
You underestimate my ego😁 Plus my wife is getting her neck fused Friday so I need to be home this weekend.

I plan to race both series. Twice as many chances to win is good. Plus I'm a Dungey, not fast or flashy but consistent. I hope being there for all the races gets me more points and better chance of a good finish for the year.


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I think I came in dead last in the experts. It’s hard to tell though because the scoring software is not as user friendly as what I am used to.

The course was great, the people are awesome, and the weather was perfect.
Derek snagged a photo of me as I bounced off the hill, somewhat out of control.. but it almost looks intentional.. so we’ll pretend that’s what it is.



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Pretty sure I got 4th Vet B.
I had lots of fun in the wet sand! I felt like I rode smooth and had consistent lap times and made some good passes. Anytime you finish smiling :D - it's a great race.

If I could have- I should have come a day early and did practice. Learning the (moto) track during a race isn't the best way to go fast in that section.

My boys though: they loooved it. The 40 minute PeeWee race was their longest yet and they did great! That was a huge course compared to the normal "big-circle-in-a-field" PeeWee B race their are used to. I like that they scored it too!

I'm so proud of these little guys.
I lost my voice running around shouting encouragment to them :)
(I got both of them in this shot!)

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