This is what my 18 yr old son Harrison did this summer


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Kaysville, Ut
Harrison eats, sleeps and drinks mountain bikes. He loves to ride and he wants to become an engineer so he can design mountain bikes and accessories but in the mean time, this is what he got to do this summer. He got to help Trust Performance with videos and pictures of their brand new fork called SHOUT. He hasn't been able to talk about what he has been doing because this new fork was a secret until a week ago. One of the head designers has also worked on Falcon shocks. Its a crazy cool new carbon fiber fork that as it compresses, it increases wheel base slightly versus decreasing the wheel base like traditional forks thus improving handling and stability. Harrison is in a bunch of Trust's advertising information for this fork. In this article he is in fourth, fifth, sixth one on the left, seventh, ninth on the right set, twelfth on the left, thirteenth left and right side and then the fourteenth on the left.

What is also cool for him is he has worked Trust's booths at all of the Outer Bike shows this year. He has ridden and filmed all over Sun Valley and Crested Butte, above Powder Mountain with a helicopter and will be going to the show with them in Moab next month.

If you want to demo a sweet fork, let me know and I will hook you up with a ride with Harrison.