Tire and rim size recommendations


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I finally need new tires for my old Ford F-350. It’s been about 15 years. Currently I am running 35 12.50 16.5 BFG Mud terrains on Outlaw II rims. I obviously need to buy new rims because tires are no longer made which sucks. I want to go a little smaller this time for better towing power and economy. Something around 33”. I want to keep the same vintage wheel style as well. I’m getting ready to order wheels and don’t know whether to go 17” or18”. What would the RME experts recommend? Also tire sizes, I am not to familiar with metric sizing.
I would go with LT275/70R18. Popular size on new trucks means new tires are readily available. 17's are still very available, but I think 18's is the direction everything is moving in except the low-pro tires. Theres always 20's, but I don't like the look, offload performance, or price.

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Here's my recommendation. :D
Not the same vintage wheels you're trying to keep but it would save you a lot on wheels and tires.


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Not an expert, but for towing I'd think you'd want the larger rim. Less sidewall = more control. But it seems like the larger the rim size, the more expensive the tire for the same overall diameter.

Which is bucking fackwards, but there you have it.


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I would go with at least an 18" tire/wheel for the handling when towing. With less sidewall there is less wandering and movement between the wheel and the road. I could tell a big difference when I went from 16" to 20" wheels in overall stability of the truck when towing my race trailer. With the 16's I could feel the heavy enclosed trailer trying to push me through the curves at freeway speeds but with the 20's it is much more planted and hugs the curves much better.

That being said, I don't know if I would do 20's again. I like the looks on my Duramax but it is quite expensive when replacing tires. Funny, 20's have less rubber on them yet they are a lot more than 18" tires.



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I would go with the 17's for two reasons. 18's look stupid on that vintage truck, and 17's are way cheaper for tires. The sidewall stability is a non issue with only a 33" tire. I would go with a 285/75-17 tire.


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I think big wheels on a OBS Ford look awful. I love the looks of the Ultra 164 wheels. Toyo does a 295/75R16 AT2. 33.4 inches tall 11.6 wide. Thats what I would do.