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No idea why I want this but I do. It's on that evil public surplus auction page that @TRD270 reminded me about. It's over what I'd pay now but I still want it. 12 valve, 5 speed 4x4 with 100k on it... cool truck
I can't believe they're selling that with the fire equipment. Usually they pull that and put it on the new truck, there tends to be more money wrapped up in that than the truck itself.


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I'm with you. I record Graveyard Cars just to drool over those cars. The show is much better after they got rid of the first group of guys they had on it. But its a better show now and those cars are beautiful.


...I just filled the cup.
Id take that over a 69 camaro all day and twice on sunday. Anyone have $55K they can loan me?


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A man can dream...

1986 Ford RS200

For me, the Renault Turbo is the most iconic Group B car there is. The Audi Quattro S1 is the most revolutionary. But the RS200 really was the ultimate expression of what Group B was meant to be. Only 146 of these ever made it to the road; how amazing would it be to own one?
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