Today I Want This....

Kevin B.

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My dream car is a brand new Lexus LS in silver with 35% tint all around.

Or one of those mini vans with the built in vacuum and a couple more kids to fill it.

Edit: I'm serious. I do want another kid but my wife says no. I saw one of those fancy vans at a float preview for the July 24 parade probably 5 years ago and it blew my mind. Plus, what's cooler than a vehicle that can carry a mess of people, can handle a full sheet of plywood, AND will fit in the garage without anything special? That's right, nothing.
I'm all about a minivan in the driveway. The wife won't hear it though.


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I didn’t even know these existed until today but now I need one. I’d have to make a stroller attachment, shopping cart attachment etc.
imagine cruising through Disneyland on one of these bad boys!

I’d never walk again!!!!
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