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I've had that D44 with radius arms, the factory track bar mounts to the C.
View attachment 149354

that drag link is mounted like 5/8 of the way across the tie rod.
It's SO short too.

That looks like Duff steering.



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The E.B. track bar mounts further inboard than the F150 D44.
The drag link setup like Duff's is placed where it is to compliment the arc of the short track bar.

I originally put a GM 1 ton TRO setup on mine with the drag link attaching near the passenger knuckle and the results were BAD... super sketchy.
I got some help from a CAD guru buddy of mine who laid it all out in his puter. I ended up moving the drag link attachment point further inboard by a LOT to get everything to jive. It greatly improved the handling of my E.B.

On another note.. the green junk needs to go away on that Bronco.