Toyota FZJ80 front bumper build


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So I'm not finished with my rear bumper build, but I decided that I was close enough to start another project. :guilty:

I wanted to do something a bit different compared to my old FJ80 bumper build, and I had plenty of 2" square tube and have been picking up scrap pieces of flat plate. I wanted something beefier than the FJ80 bumper and wanted to use more flat edges and plate. I do plan to add a grill hoop and some headlight protection, in round tube form as well.

I need the front bumper to be strong, hold a winch, have mounts of HID lights and a couple of CB antennas I do plan to keep the factory recovery points, probably back on the bottom of the frame. Not the best for approach angle, but hopefully they won't get bashed too much.

Here's how it looked with the stock bumper.-


After pulling off the front bumper, I decided to bolt up the winch and winch plate, just to fit things up.-


After seeing how things were going to sit, I pulled out some cardboard, made a template, then transferred the template to the plate. I broke out the plasma cutter, first time I've used it in a couple years! I do love having a plasma cutter, it's probably one of my favorite tools! I can't freehand, so I clamped a piece of square tube to use as a guide. I do need a taller work table, this was killing my back! Maybe one day I will have a real shop, with proper fab equipment.-




I then placed the side plates where they needed to go and fitted up a piece of that 2" x 2" x .120 wall. The 2" will be the main structure, with plate steel on the bottom filling in the gaps and round tube on the top.-



I centered the 2" tube, then decided where to cut it to bend it in. I ended up making 4 cuts to get the degree of bend I wanted. -




Once I got the degree of bend I wanted, I welded up the cuts.-



And that's where I ended tonight... more to come, next weekend?


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looks good greg. Im in town this week(wed-sat). Call if you need a hand.

:cool: Thanks Justin, we will see what happens... might not get back to it. Besides, I think you have enough of your own projects to work on. :D

Too wide... :guilty:

You're familiar with curb feelers? These are Honda "Type R" feelers... :greg:

An old guy i worked with a few years ago said they need to be that wide to get the animals on the side of the road.....

I like that!

Not sure how I missed this. Nice plasma cutter! :D

Plasma cutter is so nice... it's one of the best buys I've made, but I rarely use it. I wish I had the skills to freehand with one!


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:cool: Thanks Justin, we will see what happens... might not get back to it. Besides, I think you have enough of your own projects to work on. :D

nah... I only have 2 complete builds right now(YJ and tube Chassis). Always room for more. :greg:


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Day 2 of the front bumper build... I worked in the garage most of the day, but don't feel like I made much progress. I'm really trying to take my time, think about the best way to get what I want, then go about doing it right. It's a good thing I'm not doing for money, I wouldn't make anything!

I cut the 2" square down, then continued to wrap the sides where they would protect the front fenders and flares. After that, I built the upper frame brackets.




Up next was the front plate... it's beefy, overkill for sure, but if the bumper ever takes a direct hit, it should stand up quite well! I started to cut out the fairlead hole, using hole saws on the ends, then the plasma cutter to blow out the center. I decided to tack the plate in place and see how the winch was going to line up. Figured I'd set the HID lights up too, in order to make sure I had hand access to the free spool switch down inside.







Finally, I decided to tackle some plate on the bottom sides of the square tube. Again I used some beefy plate, took the plasma cutter to it and split it in 2 parts, one for each side. I had to bend the ear in on the top-left to match the lines of the bumper, it looks decent IMO.




And that's where I stopped, due to my 10# spool of wire running out. :( The A/C condenser will get relocated and the open ends of the square tube will get filled. I want to add a grill hoop and headlight/blinker guard out of round tube, but with the way the bumper is coming along, I don't want to 'ruin' it with all that tube up top. I don't know... I may have to try it out and see if I like it or not.


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So whats that cylinder on the drivers side, and does it need protection?

That's the A/C condenser I mentioned above, which will get moved. The FZJ's in the States got a low hanging condenser, while non-US spec FZJ's get a condenser that was mounted up high, out of the way. The non-US A/C lines are available, at a decent cost.

I thought about building the bumper to protect it, but I think I'll just move it. It will cost, but I think the end result will be better.


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I've been spending time on this project the last couple nights after work and it's coming together quite well. There's plenty more to do, but it's getting there!

Here's some pics of what I've done...