Toyota Steering Box input seal R&R


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After I lifted the '84 and replaced the push/pull steering with a Hi-Steer kit I also needed an IFS steering box. I bought one from richpblaze on RME and it has worked flawlessly up until late. The input shaft seal has been leaking since the U4WDA winter convention, tired of the ATF puddling in my driveway I located a seal through NAPA.

This is the lazy man's fix, it does not require removing the box from the Truck, nor does it involve a full tear down of the box for the typical re-build.

Here are the tools I used, pretty basic stuff:

Seal NAPA part number--7007--this was a special order seal for a Cressida, it was $5.00.
12MM Wrench for top bolt, a socket could be used.
14MM Socket with long extension for lower bolt
Flatblade screwdriver
Quart of ATF
Solvent--I use Isopropal Alcohol for most parts that are not hot. It's cheap and easy to find.

Remove the steering shaft from the box and remove the bolt on the upper steering shaft that connects to the firewall/steering wheel.

Using a chisel, regular screwdriver or prybar locate the raised tang on the edge of the input cover. Strike this with a hammer to loosen it. A bunch of ATF awaits you underneath.

Remove the input shaft cover and press out the old,hard seal with your thumbs.
Clean the seal housing thoroughly and press in the new seal after lubing it with Vaseline. I like vaseline because it's cheap, not very messy and mixes well with other oils.

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Davis County
Now you are ready for Reassembly. Thread the cover back into the box and knock it tight with the chisel you used to remove it. The steering shaft will want to turn clockwise so I clamped a set of vise-grips to prevent this.

Bolt your shafts back up, fill the reservoir with ATF and start the engine to check for leaks.
Hopefully everything is bone dry:D

I hope this helps keep someone elses driveway clean!!


Davis County
Soooo...... This is what you have been up to.......Well is the drive way clean?
The driveway is looking better after a few cans of that horrible brake cleaner, that stuff is crap-it's like window cleaner:mad:

I wish that's all I've been up to; I know how to attach a dust ruffle to a crib and assemble a stroller:D