ttora4runner's 2010 Toyota 4runner


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Figured I'd go ahead and start the build thread for my new to me 4runner.
Picked up a 2010 Toyota 4runner Trail Edition, non-KDSS after being back and forth between a Lexus GX470 and a 4th Gen 4runner for the past couple of months. I'm not really sure what my plans are for this one but I'll probable keep it simple since I'm back to have a car payment.

When I first got her.

Made one comestic change to the 2014+ 4runner tail lights and added weather tech floor mats. I have one other interior comestic change coming that should freshen up the inside a little, just waiting on the part to come in.

Took her out yesterday for her first official dirt road/snow run to Temple Canyon Park. Not a technical road in any way but if gave me a feel for her - the street tires need to be changed out.



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New tires just went on yesterday and it's time now to install that lift.

275/70/17 Cooper Discover AT3


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West Jordan
I really like that body style/color combo...

I have one other interior comestic change coming that should freshen up the inside a little, just waiting on the part to come in.
What's the deal with this?


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A few small updates:
Lift - Sonoran Steel
UCA - SPC/Light Racing

Run from two weekends ago.

Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico

Easy run today (3/21/15) along Phantom Canyon Road and Shelf Road part of the Gold Belt Tour.

Phantom Canyon Tunnel #2

Shelf Road, with a view of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in the background (the best I could get).

On the Shelf Road I could tell the different in size between my old 3rd gen and the 5th gen especially when passing other vehicles through the narrow sections.


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After looking around at skid plates from Budbuilt, Shrockworks and RCI I went ahead and order a new set of aluminum skid plates from RCI to try and keep weight down but still offer protection. Got the filler piece, engine and transmission skid for the time being.

Out with the old (that's not oil on skid but PB Blaster)

In with the new

Undercarriage photo and yes I know I'm missing a bolt. Whoever worked on the truck previous broke the bolt head off and know I got to find a good way to remove it.


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Ordered a set of Outpost Off Road Sliders from MetalTech back at the end of March

Finally got around to installing them this afternoon, took me a little over two hours to install them by myself. Wasn't too bad with the help of two jack stands and not having to deal with a KDSS equipped 4runner.



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Good weekend to get out and explore western Colorado.

Rattlesnake Arches area

Escalante Rim trail

Dry Mesa Jeep road, didn't have time to drive this trail.



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Got some wheeling and camping in yesterday and today before all the yahoo's come out for the 4th of July weekend.



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Though I couldn't take my 4runner to this elevation, it at least got me to the trailhead that did.

14,421', Mt Massive, Colorado.



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Tried to get from Colorado Springs to Woodland Park via Rampart Range road yesterday morning but got stopped by this snow drift. So close you could where people stopped on the other side.

Oh, well at least the 4runner got out to play some.



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Some small updates since I last posted.

Great Sand Dune National Park and Blanca Peak from Mt. Herard.

You can just make out the road from Medano Pass that leads into the park.

One of the 4runner from camp, yesterday morning.

Between Eleven Mile Reservoir and Spinney Mountain Reservoir.

A small and stupid simple change.

TRD shift knob

TRD shift knob vs stock shift knob, what a bulky item.

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Got around to installing the rear lower links from Sonoran Steel this morning.

New links:

Old vs new:

Still waiting to install the gas tank skid from Shrockworks and a new washer bottle from ExpeditionOne.