Turning my tow rig into an expedition camper


sprueitt Dodge T-Rex 6x6
Our old camper was destroyed when one of the jacks failed. So we stripped it of all the appliances, and goods on the interior and planned to build a tough off- road camper that would take a beating and be more roomy than a traditional slide in camper. I also wanted the camper to be removable so that the truck can be used for other things.

I have to get this camper all put together before Easter Jeep Safari. So I have only a few weeks. This truck tows a trailer with our Dodge T-Rex 6x6, or pulls our Jeep behind it. The Truck is a GMC 5500 4x4. I first built a custom winch bumper for it and put in new exhaust.

Now I took it up to my buddy's shop in Idaho: Casper Customs. Cory the owner builds ultimate 4x4's and extreme rock buggies. You may have seen some of his work in TTC.

Well, this would be the first camper for Cory and I. But I new that we could do it.

First i built a winch bumper for the truck. Here is the truck as Cory's shop in Idaho.

Next we laid out the fram as I had designed it.

Here is Cory starting to weld up the frame.

Here is the frame coming together:

Now piecing and cross memebers:



sprueitt Dodge T-Rex 6x6
Next installment:

My daughter is a welder so I have to show her my welds.:p

Cory fabing up the Jack mounts

Cross bracing

Some of Corys nice work

Does it look like a camper yet????:rofl:


sprueitt Dodge T-Rex 6x6
Almost done with the siding, Pre drilling and then setting in screws is hard on your arms.... 568 down..... 247 to go....:eek:

Time for the corner and roof flashing.

Next the Jacks.


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Sand Hollow
Custom built camper... that's ambitious, I'm thoroughly impressed! I'll be watching closely, as I need to start my enclosed trailer -> toy hauler conversion soon :cool:


Simply amazing Stan! I love it, can't wait to see it mounted up on the truck. :cool: