U4WDA Contact Information

Bear T

Tacoma free since '93
Boulder, mt
Hello Everyone,

Recently I have received some emails from RME and other forum members stating that they have been trying to find out information about memberships or other issues on their respective forum.

The U4WDA Corner of RME is a section for the U4 to be able to make announcements to the members of RME as well as take questions. However, it can be some time before a U4 Board Member or Officer sees a question on this or any other forum and is not the most efficient method of contacting the U4 with any questions.

I ask that you either email me directly at bear@u4wda.org or check out the contacts page for the contact info directly related to your question.

We want to be able to better serve our members, and direct contact is the best method to resolve any issues.

Thank you,