Official User Albums Enabled for All Registered Users

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We have just enabled User Albums on RME for all users. In the past, this has been reserved for Premium Memberships but we are moving forward with making this option available to everybody registered on RME.

List of info / updates for Registered Users:
  • Everybody will get up to 20 photos per user for now. This may change.
  • Current alloted disk space: 800Kb per user for now. This may change.

List of info / updates for Premium Accounts (Premium Subscription & Vendor Accounts):
  • Premium Accounts have space for up to 400 photos.
  • There is currently no max disc space for Premium accounts so as long as it is never abused.

Albums can be access by clicking "Community -> Pictures & Albums" at the top.
Or visit this link:

Remember - all User Album photos need to be Off Road related.
We will begin moderating photos more frequenly and will be removed without notice if they are off-topic or unrelated.

We also have plans on making the User Albums more visable and up front in future software releases for RME. Watch for upcoming changes and improvements.

- The RME Staff
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