Utah Plinksters - Range Day For the Kiddos!


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We've (Utah Shooters) got a kid's event Friday Oct 1st where we're offering safety training and 1-on-1 instruction on both rimfire long guns and archery. Those of you with kids, I hope to see you there to help us kick off Utah Plinksters! This sister group to Utah Shooters will be dedicated to educating kiddos on firearm related things... 2A, safety, proper etiquette, various shooting sports, etc.

We'll have safety/weapons instruction, food, games and prizes, CanCannon cornhole, pumpkin shoot, and a damn good time. $5/kiddo; we supply firearms, ammo, you supply eye/ear pro. We will have foamies as a last resort for ear pro, but those don't always work for tiny ears.

Register your kiddos-----> HERE!

UT Plinksters Range Day 101 - Slide 1.png
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