Trip Report Vernal - July 27


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Herriman, UT
Awesome photos. I was hanging around the house trying to figure out if I should buy new XJ leaf springs again or spend 3-4 times the $ to finish linking the rear suspension up. I did look at my trailer and didn't see anything obvious that'd contribute to the wacky tire wear on the front tire on the drivers side. MASSIVE inside wear. It's a trailer tire so I'd never rule out a craptastic tire straight out of the box. Have I mentioned how much of a pile I think trailer tires are before?
If you're on a budget, but want to link it, I'll let you know how my project goes. I'm swapping in a CRD60 (with Pro LCG truss) in my rear this week. I'm using OEM JL front lowers for my rear lowers, then making triangulated adjustable uppers. I'm just using the Artec dual 4-link bracket. It will be close to a standard TJ mid-arm link set up, but using cheap (free) lower arms. OEM JK and JL bushings are high quality, and you can usually find almost brand new JL arms all the time. I'll post the results when I'm done next week.


I’m just curious if anybody has pictures of the body damage the rigs got.


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Spanish Fork, UT
I’m just curious if anybody has pictures of the body damage the rigs got.
The one was a little dent under the license plate on a TJ. Another was the pic above, something happened with the tailgate on that camo rig, not sure how bad the damage was just know he couldn't get the window back up.


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The only thing I'm aware of is the slight scuff the camo blazer got on the side behind the gas cap on the passenger side. Look closely and you can see it.
Lots of scuffs and the driver side back end got jammed up a couple of inches - the bumper is jammed up and the tailgate doesn't align anymore and the window wont roll up. It also broke the brake lightbulb. 1215212019 07 28_2146.jpg