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Video Editing Needed.


But stuck more often.
Hi guys. I’m looking for some help editing a video that will be used in a competition with my daughters. We shot an interview style video today that consists mostly of stories. Ideally I’d like to have their voices heard while showing other video clips or pictures related to the story they are telling. My editing software will not split the audio and video like I want. Also, the raw video we shot today is 16 minutes long. It should be 8-10. I just don’t know what to cut. I don’t want to redo the video either as it was a one and done, no practice video aimed at showing their spur of the moment personalities.
This is a one in a million type of thing so I don’t want to invest a fortune in it, but am willing to throw some cash around as needed. I need the edit completed this week.
Hit me up and I’ll get you the raw GoPro video along with an edit I attempted today along with other video and pictures I’d like to figure out how to include.


Hey, my college age daughter is home from school right now and loves to to this type of work. She is also looking for a full time job.
She did mostly dance videos in high school where she would cut dialogue and music together. I asked if she was interested in earning a little money editing stuff and she said, "sure...." I will PM you her information.