Von Werretts 1988 Toyota Pickup (Late Fall 2002 Featured Rig)

Von began his buildup with the finished product in mind. He knew the Truck would see extremely hard use in the Competition Circut, as well as the Technical Trails he planned to run with it in the near Future. With that plan, he laid out the needed mods and went to work on his Project.

Besides the many Competitions, Von had driven his Toyota on Trails like Upper and Lower Proving Grounds, the Helldorados, Pritchett and others. Perhaps the most impressive feat is driving from SLC to Moab, running the above Trails and then heading back, all on the 38.5" SX's!!!

Here's the Breakdown of how it turned out-

Engine- Toyota 22RE 4 Cylinder, with a Thorley header.

Transmission- Stock Toyota 5 Speed.

Transfer Case- Single Toyota EFI T-Case, with a 4.7 Gearset and a Twin Stick, resulting in a Crawl Ratio of 98:1.

Axles- Toyota 8" Axles at both ends.

Front: IFS Swap using a Heavily Trussed Toyota Front axle, 5.29 Yukon Gears, High Pinion Electric Locker from a Lexus LX450 and a Pair of Longfield Superbirfs. 58" wide.

Rear: Original Rear Axle, 5.29 Yukon Gears, and a Spool. 58" wide.

Suspension- Front Springs are 5" Lift, 1.5" longer, AllPro leafs that have been altered for about 3" of lift and the Rear Springs are a Mazda Pickup Springpack. Von runs Traction Bars on both ends, with a Shackle at the Top of the Traction Bars.

Tires & Wheels- Who do you know that has 4 sets of tires? Von does......

-35" x 12.5 BFG AT's w/ poser alloys, for street use
-35" x 12.5 BFG KM's (regular)
-35" x 12.5 BFG KM's (prototype tires for possible release)
-38.5" x 15.5 TSL SX's

The last 3 Tire sets can be quickly changed onto his neat Beadlock wheels. Von runs the 35" BFG KM's in Competition to qualify for the Legends Class and the 38's during regular Trail Runs.

Steering- AllPro Highsteer Arms, FJ80 rod ends, custom heavywall tierod/draglink and a custom Hydro Assist built by Von and Carl. The Hydro Assist uses the stock Toyota Steering box, drilled and tapped in the right locations and a Howe 1.5" Ram to push the Tires around.

Protection- The most noticeable thing about Von's Toyota is the Exo Cage. It's built out of 1.75 x .120 wall DOM and ties into the Rocker Protection, front Bumper and rear Frame. The bed was chucked and the 'Lunch-tray' was added, reducing weight and removing a massive amount of the sheetmetal.

Winch- Warn HS9500i with a Winch Rope.

Interesting Facts- Von is running a pair of Fiberglass Fenders on the Front to fit the massive tires, with minimal lift. The Doors are Quick-Disconnect, the Pickup has been on it's lid a couple times, and consistently places quite high in the UROC Competitions. Also, both the Diffs have both been shaved for ground clearance and the truck has broken a front Axle Shaft!

Whats Next?- It's done, the next step is to wheel the Toyota where ever it wants! Now for the next project........
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SAS Spring Hanger, AllPro Leafs and the Hydro Assist. Check out the Gusseting on the Axle! -


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Lookin' good Von... for now I can only dream of a mini as cool as yours...:D

For those that havn't seen this thing in person, I can attest for its high quality!! Looks awesome!


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So with the recent changes in UROC will this truck be running the 38's in the open class? Looks a little to modded to run the legends anymore!


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Originally posted by skulltoy
So with the recent changes in UROC will this truck be running the 38's in the open class? Looks a little to modded to run the legends anymore!

I haven't been concerned about any updated rules for the Legend Class in UROC, since we won't be affected by them. We will be competing in Carl's (aka ILean) buggy for the next season in the Unlimited Class. If for some reason we can't get it done in time for the first event, the Toy will run the 38's and we'll do the best we can.


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Originally posted by yellowjacket
Von, You make me proud! But you already know how I feel about your Toy!

How much and where did you get that 3rd member?

LOL! you crack me up Tobin... :D The HP 3rd members came in locking and non-locking versions in the FJ80 Landcruiser and the Lexus LX450 SUV's. You can find them often in wrecking yards throughout the country for as low as about $450. They can be purchased new at some dealerships for around $750. The housing needs to be modified, but it's not a big deal.


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Hey you know, that's what I'm here for!!:D

That seems like a sweet deal if Randy's is selling Toyota HP's for $1,300 with a Detroit!! There's gotta be something wrong with that picture?!?! Are the FJ80s and LX450s considered 8"?

I wonder if my Grandpa knew this when he purchased his LX450, that's all he uses it for is 4wheeling. He's going to get a little upset when I tell him he could have had electric lockers. He's going to be getting ARB's soon.

Did they come just rear, or front too?

Hey Von let's keep this on the DL so there will be some left when I can afford them!;)


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Just because Carl did all the work doesn't make that truck your's anymore! :D

Hey Greg

You should see my brother's storage shed... All it has are extra and extra sets of tires!

Here's a list of the ones I know... (yes i'm bragging for him!)

(4) 37" Krawlers (competition, soft compound)
(8) 35" BFG Mud Terrain T/A K/M (is that the new model?)
(4) 37" Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's
(4) 35" Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's

It kinda bugs me because his stupid CYJ-7 isn't even complete yet and he has so many different sets of tires for it!

That reminds me... Von hurry up and finish it up for him! :p

and yeah I'll admit it I do like your truck!