For Sale Walther p22


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this one came with the wood grain handle. It was impossible to shoot with my ape hands. I seen this fold up handle for it and had to have it. Makes it much easier to shoot

It looks like a pocket knife in the pocket.

I end up carrying it the most just out of convenience. I throw it in my camel back on rides too. More of a noise maker then a lethal weapon but definitely better then nothing


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I took a tour of the NAA factory down in Provo years ago, got to shoot all the guns after. I really liked the bigger handle/folding handle vs the small handle I couldn't grab. 22mag vs 22lr really didn't matter but the handle made a huge difference to hit the target.


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I tend to shoot my little M&P compact quite a bit...
The Buckmark is the most comfortable and accurate with the Ruger 2nd though...

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That M&P is the first .22 pistol in a normal form factor that I shot. It's hard to beat a gun that feels exactly like the gun you carry but fires .22lr. I haven't shot any suppressed .22 pistols, it is worth the weight?

I like your taste in pistols. I shot some small bore pistol competition in the Utah Summer Games with a Buckmark and a Ruger Mk II when I was a teenager. They are both very nice pistols.


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FWIW, my glock flavored in .22lr has been very reliable. We did a handgun course at the local range as a family and my daughter shot several hundred rounds out of it and it ran flawlessly. The rest of us shot 9mm, but the 12 year old daughter was more comfortable with the .22. Since then I have put quite a few rounds out of it suppressed and not suppressed and haven't had a single issue. I am sure they will come, but mine has been fine so far.