Way ahead lifetime on the road hazard lotto...


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So I have been buying the road hazard certs at Discount for all my tires since like forever. And I'm way ahead lifetime. They must not keep track of how often you cash in on them or they'd quit selling them to me like the cell phone extended warranty companies have cut off my wife.

But I went through my last set of KM2's on my LJ without using the road hazard. Bought it again for the current set, which have been on there two years and not had even a flat, so, it's been a long time now I haven't used it and I was entertaining the thought of not getting certs for my next set. It IS expensive. On these particular tires, if you don't use it on one out of six tires, you're losing money buying it.

Had a flat last weekend that turned out to be a 2" rip on the shoulder though, so the streak of not collecting on road hazard ended and now I'm back to planning on keep getting it.

It's not like sustaining non repairable tire damage is cool or anything, it sucks. But I figure that whole road hazard certs thing is a total racket and a rip off in favor of the tire store for the vast majority of people who buy it. So every time I use it, I kinda feel like I hit a number or something. As long as I'm getting more out of it in replacement tires than I'm putting into it, it's all good I guess. And I am way, way ahead lifetime on road hazard.

Only thing this time, it was KM2 that croaked, and they don't make them anymore so I'll be running one odd ball KM3 for a couple years. No biggie, really. It will make a matching spare for the next set I guess.

I thought that was just "Golden Spike"? It's not like you can just helicopter in there (maybe with a new JL?) and run Golden Spike without running the other two?
Hmmmm I don't think it's classified that way in the ol' trail book because you could come in either way and run it but I'd have to get the book out and look to be sure. Also it's not like I'm an authority on the matter- I've just considered it that way for a long time.


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Gee, thanks for bringing this up DAA. You may have just put the bad mojo on me! I did not buy certs on this round of new tires ( one month ago ) in anticipation of selling the truck in the spring. Hope that doesn't come back and bite me.

Having said that I have never cashed in a cert before, so you can all thank me for helping to pay for your new tires. :D


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So I guess the question is do you buy certs for the sedan that the wife drives? I've gotten use out of my warranty on my last set of KO2s and re-upped when I bought them again this spring but haven't put them on my wifes tires for the Camry. We are going to be living in a construction zone for years while the development fills out (we are house 5 out of 65+) so I expect screws, nails, and metal to be on the neighborhood roads for a while.

Come to think of it, it was on FYTO in 2016 when I hit a spike or something and ripped a tread block that I used the cert. A lot of you guys were standing around hassling me while I plugged it. :rolleyes:
I get them for the #momcar too. It's just worth it to me. Also FWIW I just put tires on her car and on a whim I asked them for a deal since I've been going there for so long. They gave me $25 off. It's not a lot but $ is $.


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So I guess the question is do you buy certs for the sedan that the wife drives?
You obviously haven't seen my wife drive... Answer for me is not just yes, but HELL yes. She doesn't cash them in as often as I do, but she has cashed in enough that I keep paying for them on her car. Her last one was similar to mine, in that they weren't making KO's anymore. But instead of running an oddball KO2, since her tires were about due anyway, I went ahead and had them all replaced. Kind of sucked, really, went in for a simple "free" slow leak repair and ended up buying three new tires instead...

And yes, I remember standing around watching you plug that tire :D.



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I have only had one tire tear on me. I was loading it on the trailer and it got torn. I have never purchased from Discount so I have never bought their certs. I did buy the road hazard warranty on my last set from Tire Pros in Bountiful. They balance and rotate them for me anyway so I don't know that I will ever buy one again. Its like an extended warranty on any electronic. You will need it if you dont buy it but as soon as you skip it, you will need it.


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Back when I worked at Big-O (2000's ish) We would use a patch that had a plug also.. super awesome. Plugging a tire was no big deal. With my current tires, I put in a plug when out on FYTO.. Discount replaced the whole tire because I had used a plug, saying the risk of a separated tread was not worth it. Same thing happened out on silver island, plugged it and got a free tire. Since the only effective trail repair is a plug, I will always buy the warranty.


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I've cashed in on it, the rules have changed though. If you have the tire mounted on a beadlock, no more warranty. I'll be buying my new truck tires from John Williams over at Impulse Offroad, so don't know that I'll be able to buy certs for those. We'll see when the time comes and I have discount mount them.


I bought my 35" BFG's thru Discount Tire and got the tire replacement. Ended up warranting 2 tires, one from a sidewall puncture and the other due to a nail on the very edge of the tread. I ended up swapping my new spare onto the ground, then bought a 4th new tire and put the last used one into use as the spare. Now I have 4 new ones on the Jeep, just in time for Winter.

I'm very happy I bought the warranty, I'm hard on tires and think it's very worth the costs. I got my money's worth out of it.