Wayne Lentz 1997 Jeep Wrangler (Spring 2003 Featured Rig)

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I am looking into buying a 9" right now and was wondering why you are looking to get out of yours. I know the D60 is sweet, but have also spoken to people who would take a 9" over a 60 anyday. Your takes?


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Eden, Utah
I was thinking of going bigger tires like 38.5 swampers. After going to Moab in Easter 2003. I am keeping the set up as is works great. 37s are as big as I want to go. Saw alot of Jeeps with 38s and that is a huge tire and I do not want to go down that ave.
I would get the 9 in again, great setup and works excellent with plenty of ground clearance.


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I just got back from the RUBICON, I run 38.5x14.50 TSL~SX's with a 44 front and D70~U rear. I only heard the rear drag a few times, it never gave me a hint of trouble. 35 spline, 5:89's welded...the front is another story:rolleyes: This was my 1st trip on a D44, always had toyota mini axles. I broke a short side joint and deformed the ears inner & outer.....helping someone out:( I drove down into the lil sluice and winched a sami up so he could air up a poped bead. He was in a spot a jack just wouldn't work, so afterwards I went up the side of the box, made a rookie misstakje and got my pass tire loged in a crack and bam:eek: had not spit out the joint yet, so I unlocked the hub and winched out. Had a great time watching the box action the other 13 hours of the day, then wheeled out in 3WD. Right after GateKeeper I only had 2wd, so I blew a MM hub on the last turn of the trail too:p Still a great trip.
On a side note. Afer 5 years of wheeling the con, I think it was ruffer looking then ever, or that may be that I'm now fullwidth and had to go over every stinkin rock on the trail:D But that's ok, it's like a new trail again:cool: :cool: so when are you guys getting out here??