Well, let's try using the Navigator for a tow rig (again)-2015 Navigator


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Most of you know I used our 2001 Navigator for a tow rig for about 2 (?) years. It actually did better than I expected. We're going to try that again, this time with a 2015 version. Ecoboost motor, 6 speed auto trans, heated/cooled seats, bluetooth audio, bluetooth nose wiper, satellite radio, leather galore, auto folding rear seats, auto closing rear hatch, no key start---push button, MASSIVE console between the seats, on board trip computer, towing assist gadget (no towing brake controller?--WTH--rated to 8200 lbs) that I assume measures "squat" with the trailer, and a few other bluetooth things that I don't know how it works.


Things I need to add:
  • brake controller
  • WD hitch (?) -- I'm towing 7000 (ish) lbs

Things I like:
  • I LOVE the cooled seats. They might be to cold? But wait, I have three settings of cool (or heat).
  • Ecoboost engine is IMPRESSIVE unloaded
  • Very smooth ride but almost to smooth. Get a little bucking and yawing over dips and such
  • incredibly comfy sofa on wheels ride but still "truckish" somehow even with the IRS/IFS -- not like a '79 Town Car but somewhat like that somehow

Things to see if I like:
  • towing with a half ton
  • IRS/IFS -- I'm not the biggest fan but I did like towing with the 2001 Navigator in the corners more than with the 2003 8.1 Suburban despite the odd airbag suspension "float"
  • 20” wheels

Things I'm pretty sure I don't like:
  • towing with a half ton
  • wheelbase is kind of short?
  • auto running boards... they're not really needed at stock height for a guy my size. They're just kind of in the way when entering/exiting the vehicle. Shorter folk LOVE them and I assume that's likely the target market?
  • Why no integrated brake controller?
  • Why no "low range" 4x4? (I know this would LIKELY never get used by 98% of folks with one of these but shouldn't it just be there on principle?)
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My 2015 Expedition has an integrated controller, I would think they would be compatible if you have the spot on the dash for it. When I had my 2012 F150 it didn't come with one from the factory, was plug and play so I'd think this would be the same.

Towing with the IRS isn't horrible, actually takes the weight a lot better than I thought. IRS on any kind of off camber surface however is craptastic



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We have an ‘03 Expedition. I towed a 15,000lb trailer full of rocks with it once. The irs didn’t care for it too much. The trailer got loaded a little back heavy, so it started to sway. The irs made it worse. We almost died. Multiple times.
Our last camper was a 24’ 4,500lbs ish. With an equalizer hitch, it never had a problem. Towed every bit as good as my f350’s.


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  • The part that it wasn’t a pickup

  • It seemed really dumb to keep it when my wife decided to buy this Navigator
I thought I'd miss my truck more but the only time I have missed it is when I am going Mnt Biking. I LOVE all the room we have as a family in the burb. It so comfortable and drives really nice. I agree if my wife bought something that could tow I would sell the burb and get another truck.
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Just an update for anyone considering one of these to tow a Jeep on a trailer. I did a quick test tow on Saturday with the combo. Setup went ok. I do not have an integrated trailer brake. I did go for a 5ish mile drive despite not having the brake controller. I have a trip coming up in about 10 days and need this to work.

Observations below
• PLENTY of power
• tow haul mode is VERY cool - downshifts are a little early but I like that as it slows the unit down well and appropriately early
• rear suspension is sketchy-sway control hitch is REQUIRED in my opinion
• the air suspension is kind of a blessing and a curse. Leveled the load out but pretty loose compared to towing with our 2001 Navigator. I assume that’s related to the IRS vs solid axle? On the 2001, it took a while to learn to drive this same load through the canyons. We’ll see what I think of it in about two weeks?

Its been a while since I’ve towed with a half ton. It can be done with the appropriate equipment. More info likely next Saturday when I have the sway control hitch and brake controller


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I missed calling you at a decent hour. Sat would work great for me. I’ll catch you on your way up and throw you a few sheckles

8 zero one 673 3 zero 83 if you get a minute to let me know when you’re headed north